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Saturday, May 19, 2018

How Import and Export Hole Wizard Data with Excel

You can import and export Hole Wizard data with help Excel files in the Configuration tool with SOLIDWORKS 2018. 

Now you can import and export data to the Hole Wizard in the configurator tool SOLIDVORKS Toolbox 2018.

This is helpful when you edit an entire standard or create a few new sizes of holes.
Do the following steps

  • In SOLIDWORKS, click Tools-Options-System Options-Hole Wizard/Toolbox-Configure.
  • From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs-SOLIDWORKS 2018-SOLIDWORKS Tools-Toolbox Settings 2018-Configure.

Hole Wizard-LeninSW

Click Hole Wizard

DIN Standards-LeninSW

Browse to the type of hole to import (export) data for, such as DIN

Export Hole Data Tables LeniSW

Export Hole Data Tables

Exporting LeninSW


Import the resulting file backward into the Solidworks Toolbox



Error importing

Open the file and delete the "Sheet1", save it.
Delete "Sheet1"=LeninSW.com

Delete "Sheet1"

Import the resulting file backward into the Solidworks Toolbox

An Excel file can be exported first to obtain the proper setup and existing sizes. This Excel file has 3 sheets at the bottom, analogous to the Standard Properties of a Hole Wizard type:
  • Sizes
  • Thread Data (besides Straight Holes)
  • Screw Clearances (besides for Tapped Holes)

Once you have customized the exported Excel file, save as a exclusive filename (so you have a copy of the original Excel setup) and then use Import Hole Data Tables.


SOLIDWORKS 2018 Hole Wizard Export – Sheet "Sizes"

Hole-Wizard Export–Thread Data-LeninSw

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Hole Wizard Export – Sheet "Thread Data"

Hole-Wizard-Export–Screw Clearances-LeninSW

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Hole Wizard Export – Sheet "Screw Clearances"

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